Ocean Softsolutions (Mangalore) Pvt.Ltd.

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About us:

                 We,Ocean Softsolutions (Mangalore) Pvt. Ltd., located in bendoorwell, Mangalore and involved in software consultation, developement and implementation. We have expertise in the banking domain and data migration tools from the existing software to the new application.Currently we have 50+ satisfied customers in financial institutions, which include Co-Op banks, Town Co-Op. Banks and Primary and Secondary societies. We also have specialization in Hospital management and other custom based applications.

All our applications are user friendly and easy to learn. Recently, we have introduced our new product called FET_CORE (Financial Enterprise Tool) which is developed by keeping Co-Op banks in mind and suit for their complete CBS applications. This software is developed using C#.Net and ASP.NET under framework 4.0 version and MS-SQL as database at the backend level, on Windows Server platform. The module wise categorisation of product is as follows:

FET_Transactions: This application will take care of all the day to day transactions of the branches. This application is best suit for Single Window system with Multi voucher Options.

FET_Admin: This applications set for Admin Office and DBA level. Application Monitor and Maintainance will be able to handle from this application.

FET_Consolidation: All most all reports request by RBI as well as Board can be generated in this. There will not be any entries in this application makes more secure on data.

FET_eWay: The applications which talks to database from your home/Office. This application makes web interface to the Core db for transactions. This again has 2 modules one is for end customer and other one for Bank staffs.

FET_Monitor: During Off timings these applications will run automatically on server from background and verifies entries and does posting jobs. This will help the DBA’s to identify the issues if any. These will also actively, processing the request from third party applications (like SMS, ATM etc) to process their needs.

FET_Society: A complete solution for town co-operatives, credit co-operative societies and souharda ltd.'s with an option of regional language.